1. Do not vandalise the pages. Vandalism includes, but is not limited to:
    • Pornographic content.
    • Offensive content.
    • False information.
    • Content deletion.
  2. Do not create new categories.
  3. Do not insert categories in pages without an administrator's permission. This includes personal pages and blog entries.
  4. Do not swear at other players. Please refrain from swearing at all as this Wikia has younger kids on it.
  5. Do not flood or spam in the comments. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Offensive comments.
    • Pornographic comments.
    • Gibberish and/or multiple comments.
    • Reviving old topics.
    • Consecutives comments at the same topic. If you have more to add to your comment there is a way to edit your comment. Hover over your comment box with your mouse and two boxes should appear in the lower right corner of the box; click the "More" button and then click edit.
  6. Do not create duplicate topics in the forum or on any of the Wikia pages.
  7. Do not create new pages without an administrator's permission.
    Keep in mind that your page should display accurate and helpful information to the community.
  8. Do not edit solely for the purpose of ranking/Wikia achievements.
  9. Do not create new pages with personal information.
    You have your personal page(s) and a personal blog in your profile.
  10. Do not insert any information regarding hacks or glitches on the Wikia pages.
  11. Do not create blank Strategy guides. This includes:
    • Only having a {{Maintenance}} tag on the page and saying you will work on it later.
    • Have less than 3 paragraphs on the page.
    • Including redundant info such as information already found on troop article pages.
  12. Do enter an edit summary in the upper right-hand corner of the edit screen for every edit...even if you undo a previous edit (add your summary after the 'undo' information).
  13. Respect the staff members or will be result in ban.

If you don't know what you can or can't do on this Wikia, feel free to ask any administrator. They are the best people to help you about the game and this wiki.

Do you want to help us to fight back against vandalism?

If you found bad comments on our Wikia pages or vandals editing the pages, post the links in the comments page and we will take any necessary measures. Click here to be redirected to the page.

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