Suburbs 2, also known as Nobody Home, is the second level in Suburbs. It is unlocked after completing Suburbs 1, and must be completed to unlock Suburbs 3.



To get a "Perfect" in this level, Bob must:

  • not be seen by security
  • finish within 45 seconds
  • get all of the loots



  • Broken Toy
  • Dirty Clothes
  • Empty Wallet
  • Jewellery Box (Target Loot)
  • Plastic Fork
  • Used Razor



This level is relatively simple, as there are no guards. After entering the house, walk into the Bedroom on the right and grab the two loots in there, before entering the bathroom right in front of you after exiting the Bedroom and grabbing the loot there. Enter the Dining room next, located on the left after exiting the bathroom, and grab the loot. Finally, enter the Living Room and grab the two loots, before the exiting the house, all within 45 seconds.