Map of Suburbs

Suburbs is the first chapter in Robbery Bob. It contains the 15 levels and an Introduction. Bob escaped from a prison with the help of the Strange Dealer, and Bob then works for him.

List of levels

0. Introduction

1. No Small Favor

2. Nobody Home

3. A Sight to Be Seen

4. Easy Peasy

5. Making Noise

6. Super-Villain

7. Bob-in-Box

8. Paperwork

9. The White Seagull

10. Key To Her Heart

11. Movers and Shakers

12. Bob's Best Friend

13. Family Business

14. The Set-Up

15. Settle The Score

Surburbs info

This world has a wide variety of civilians so they are more of a threat. There are no cameras or lab NPCs. Dogs are also common here be extra sneaky when entering a suburban level.

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