Welcome to Sneaky Strategies! This page you can create winning strategies to others so they know how to play!

To crate a new strategy, type in the box you want and click Add New Strategy button. You must type the chapter's name and the level names.(Example: Suburbs, A sight to be seen.) And remember to place # at the front. Also remember to link your strategy like this.[[Sneaky Strategies/Suburbs, A sight to be seen]]. Also don't place easy levels such as No small favor OR Nobody Home. Good luck with the strategy! Who didn't follow the rules will be delete by an admin. If you don't know how to, you can visit the guide.

Please add your guide to here after you had create it.

Strategy name The strategy's creator name
Sneaky Strategies/Demo(Not a strategy but teach you how to do.) StealingTime!
Sneaky Strategies/A Sight to Be Seen StealingTime!