Shamville is the second chapter in Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble. 


The chapter starts with Bob strolling on the streets. He enters a sewer tunnel and a friendly dog sees him and follows him through the tunnel and into the sewers. Somewhere in the sewers, Nickie Heisst is spying on Doctor Thevious, who appears first in the Secret Labs chapter of Robbery Bob. Nickie takes a picture of Doctor Thevious, and Bob sees her and vice versa. The dog does, too. It barks loudly and Doctor Thevious is alerted. He chases them with a Stun Gun and they escape. Bob then does favours for Nickie and Doctor Thevious' plans are spoilt. Or not, because the last scene depicts Thevious controlling a dog with his Mind Control headgear.


  • Doctor Thevious says that he was working on an Orbital Mind Control Laser in the Secret Labs chapter of Robbery Bob. It is implied that he perfected it because he uses mind-control technology to control dogs to do his bidding. Bob uses this technology to his advantage.
  • Along with this, Doctor Thevious developed Gel-OO, a drink (or gel), commonly called "goo" throughout the chapter. It is a Hazard to both Bob and NPCs. It immediately ends the level on contact with Bob. Bob again uses the Goo to his advantage and destroys Doctor Thevious' underground lab.
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