Seagull Bay is the third chapter of Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble.


The chapter starts with Bob fishing. He sees Manny Roswell standing on the water (how he does this is unknown). He then rushes towards Bob and tells him that an alien invasion has started. Bob sees flying saucers in the sky and panics. The last scene depicts Bob begging Manny to do something, while Manny stands there thoughtfully.


  • In the level selection, flying saucers can actually be seen.
  • A new NPC is added: the alien. There are multiple aliens. In certain levels, a weird faced alien can be seen in adjacent houses, which is evidence to the invasion.
  • The alien NPC can trace Bob if it sees a place Bob had been a few seconds ago. Bob then leaves white dots as a trail that the alien follows. The alien does not use doors. It just teleports through them.
  • If the alien is alerted and Bob leaves a trail to Manny Rosewell by exiting the house and then hides, the alien will see Manny and "abducts" him. But this changes nothing, as Manny reappears in the next level.
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