"It's not the latest fashion but this heavy armor should keep you safe from harm's way."

Knight's armor store description


The Knight's Armor is an outfit found in Robbery Bob. It is a stereotypical knight's armor consisting of a grey metallic suit of armor, a black undersuit and a red feather decorating the helmet.

The Knight's armor consists of heavy metal (either Iron or possibly even steel), resulting in it preventing Bob from sprinting but in return, the heavy armor makes Bob immune to guard damage, allowing him to walk past them without fear of being busted. However, the armor does NOT protect Bob from the stun guns wielded by Scientists.

Overall, the Knight's Armor is quite a good buy. For 1000 coins, the player will be Guaranteed to complete any level and at least obtain the 100% loot star, although it is highly likely he will be detected (due to the loud noise), as well as not escaping within the time. However, this also means that Bob probably won't be able to do the last level of the Lab unless he changes back into the normal costume, as he would be too slow to escape the self-destruction of the lab.


The Knight's armor is available in the store for purchase at all times for a cost of 1500 coins.

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