Keys are a special item found in most levels of Robbery Bob. They appear as gold-colored stereotypical keys that when used, will unlock a single locked door. Each key can open one door independently of where the key or the door are.

A simple rule of thumb that is worth remembering is that "Any key can open any door".

This means that a key that was found in the living room of a house can open the door to the toilet for example.


Keys are collected in a similar way to loot, by simply
Robbery Bob Found Key Template

The text that appears when Bob finds a key.

approaching them.

When Bob collects a key, the text "FOUND KEY" appears and the key counter appears on the right side of the screen.

Keys can alternatively be skipped by using the Lock pick, for a cost of 150 coins per use.


Robbery Bob Key Counter Template

The Key Counter that appears when at least one key has been collected