Civilians Image MarcusCheeKJ

Civilians are indirect enemies found in Robbery Bob. They appear in two varieties, male and female. The Male Civilian wears a red checkered shirt and blue trousers, while the female civilian wears a red dress. They are not necessarily dangerous but if they spot Bob, they will "call the cops" which will either alert nearby guards of Bob's presence or, if there no guards present, spawn in an additional guard that will then rapidly run around the level looking for Bob. In order to avoid this, stay out of sight and be stealthy. Civilians are affected by the Bunny Suit but this is not recommended so caution is again recommended. Civilians do not appear in the Secret Labs so they are not a common threat.

While the Old Lady can be considered a civilian, she is not included in this article since she behaves differently and requires different strategies to deal with.t