The Chef is a hostile NPC in Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble. Although can be considered as a civilian, but much like the old ladies and security guards, they hold a rolling pin and chase after Bob once they spot him. Treat him as you would do to a security guard. The chef does not investigate doors so leave that to an advantage.

The chef as seen in the trailer (click to enlarge it)


Assume that the chef is a security guard. Strategies for avoiding them is just the same as for security guards. Another way (but costly to do so) is the player can use the Toxic Donut to force them to go to different rooms, the Wind-up Toy to confuse them, the Invisibility Liquid to pass through or the Teleportation Mine to make them disappear completely. Be careful when using them, otherwise, they may still ruin a perfect, lead the player to a game over or make the player waste the spent coins.


  • The chef and the old lady are the only NPCs to hold a rolling pin while chasing Bob when they spot him.
  • The chef has been removed from Playa Mafioso 1 as of update 1.3.