Cassie's Costume Rental is the store for Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble. Cassie now sells costumes, tools and bundles for Bob instead of the Strange Dealer. The store button for accessing it can be found in the level selection map, particularly, with Cassie's face on it with words written as "Cassie" below, beside the YouTube button. Since Robbery Bob 2 does not feature game currency, the player has to buy them with real-life currency if they want bundles, more tools and unlimited access of wearing other costumes.

The button for the store.

Obtaining a costume

After playing some Playa Mafioso levels, the player will be rewarded with a Paradiso costume for free, which looks much like from the first game. There are two options to obtain a costume:

  • Buying them with real-life currency for unlimited access
  • Watching a video ad to get a free costume for a limited time



  • As of update 1.3, Cassie's Costume Rental is no longer available, as the game itself is free now and costumes and items are purchase via in-game currency known as coins. Instead, Cassie now follows Bob in order to return the ghosts back to their original destination.