Wikiwowsy7 Wikiwowsy7 27 August 2015

A New User in RB Wikia

Hey guys! There's a new editor here. I'm Wikiwowsy7. Why did I joined here? Four words: I like Robbery Bob. I would like to contribute this wikia as I play it. I currently have both RB1 and RB2. That's all guys. Have a nice day and I'll make edits soon! :)

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MarcusCheeKJ MarcusCheeKJ 15 June 2015

Robbery Bob taken out of the App Store?

Is this the worst thing of all? First, they created Robbery Bob 2 and priced it at around S$4. Now, they removed Robbery Bob out of the App Store! (Even the Vietnamese store don't have the app too) Even though I downloaded Robbery Bob already, there will not be any more updates for the app, as now they're turning their attention to Robbery Bob 2. For those who had not downloaded Robbery Bob, it's too late. And for those who had downloaded the app, it's gonna be boring... ;(

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Thuyenthegreat Thuyenthegreat 13 April 2015


WE NEED MORE CONTRIBUTERS!!!! seriously we got 3 active dudes and 3 unactives...we need to get more!

list of known actives contributers:


-Arouteous Fawful


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Arouteous Kophrebus Arouteous Kophrebus 29 March 2015

Features that" Robbery Bob II" could include.

Why not make so that when you pick up something, it shows the "value" of the object next to the loot name. Like this:

Office telephone: 7,50$ Crumpled Paper 0,05$ USB memory stick: 4,50$ Laptop: 200$

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TikoyDeathnote TikoyDeathnote 19 April 2013


Hey there,
TikoyDeathnote on his Inactivity
Apr 19, 2013

Today we are informing our wikia users on this wikia and on other wikis of the difficult decision , that I,TikoyDeathnote will be inactive after May 13,2013

Just how many hours a day do you spend on Wikia such as editing. Sure, there have been compelling titles in the past, but sometimes, tough decisions need to be made, and TikoyDeathnote (Tikoy) has decided to terminate his username on Wikia, namely TikoyDeathnote.

These three titles will go disabled when May 13, 2013, arrives. The official announcement reads, “Today we are informing users on this wiki and other wikis of the difficult decision to retire my User Account: TikoyDeathnote. After millions of users initially logged in to edit…

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